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Santorini Tours Contact
For any information or question on how to book a private tour in Santorini when you come with a Cruise Ship or a regular tour, or any hotel booking please don't hesitate to contact Mrs. Anna or Mr. Nikos Sirigos at any time:
Thira Tours
Fira Santorini Greece 84700
Tel: +30 22860 28115. Fax: +30 22860 28116
Mobile: +30 6948808339
E mail: info@thiratours.com
Thira tours web site is own and operate  by Thira Tours  Travel agency  Fira Santorini. 
Office administrator  Nicholas Sirigos Registry Number: 1167 E 60 0000 3290 1

It is our honor to have you here in our island and we are always happy to serve you with the best way we can.